Hfno Machine

Airvo 2, a humidified high flow system designed to treat your patients across the care continuum.

Optiflow high flow therapy/Airvo 2 has been proven to be effective in patients:

  • With acute hypoxemic respiratory failure.
  • For post-extubation respiratory support.
  • For postoperative respiratory support.
  • For immunocompromised patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure.
  • For patients with COPD.

Broad flow range
A broad flow range (2 to 60 L/min) takes your patients from the most acute environments (ICU and ED) to the home.

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A compact system with a built-in flow generator means there’s no need for a noisy, heavy air compressor in order to use the Airvo 2 for transport. Add a suitable UPS and you’re ready to go.

Variety of interfaces
A variety of interfaces specifically designed with Optiflow High Flow therapy in mind.
At higher flows comfort is paramount – you need an interface designed for the job.

  • Controlled oxygen.
  • 93% less condensate.
  • Adjustable temperature.
  • Transportable.